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3 Big Reasons for Milpitas Small Businesses to get Document Shredding

February 14th, 2014

12/10/2013 One of the unavoidable consequences of the hyper nature of the Christmas spending season, especially for small businesses involved in retail and sales, is the marked increase is paperwork and documentation of even the most minor transactions. This is not a bad thing, as more paperwork that a small business needs to manage is usually […]

Document Shredding- The Paper Shredder vs. the Computer

February 14th, 2014

  Document Shredding- The Paper Shredder vs. the Computer It’s a shame that identity theft and fraud really exist, but they do, and they exist everywhere. Of course there are ways to protect your personal information and data personally and within a company or organization. Disaffiliate yourself and/or your business from the dysfunctional finders and […]


February 14th, 2014

  We provide the best paper shredding services in the San Jose, CA area! Businesses, large and small, must be conscientious as to the documentation that they print out. Here, you will learn exactly what paper items should be kept, and how long they should be kept before shredding them. Paper Shredding to Prevent Identity […]