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Affordable Paper Shredding – San Jose

We don’t feel we need to tell you all about identity theft in order to convince you to use our document shredding service. If it hasn’t already happened to you, you probably know someone that has had theirs stolen…instead we’d like to focus on what makes us special.

Document Shredding in San Jose – Our name says it all.

Simply put, we specialize in providing fast, paper shredding services to small business and individuals at a rate they can easily afford. Licensed and Bonded shredding professionals, we treat our clients (and their documents) with sensitivity, respect, and quality personal attention.

Fast Paper Shredding.

Come by our San Jose location during Drop Off Hours 10:00am – 2:00pm Monday – Friday, only, and walk out a few minutes later with your Certificate of Destruction. For customers who spend $75.00 or more on secure shredding services, we provide fast, free pick up service.

Identity theft is one of the scariest things that can happen to somebody, and unfortunately, it is all too common nowadays. Now more than ever, it is important that you protect your identity and important information such as social security number, financial records, and address. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to utilize a reliable paper shredding service. Reliable Affordable Shredding in San Jose, CA provides reliable paper shredding services for a wide range of customers. From large businesses and companies with mounds of paper records to individuals who need to dispose of a few important documents, we can shred it all!

Here at Reliable Affordable Shredding, we understand that the documents we are handling may contain very sensitive information, so we treat them accordingly.  We are licensed and bonded shredding professionals, so you can be sure that your documents are in the hands of trusted professionals.   Just as our name suggests, we believe in providing affordable paper shredding services to our customers, because document shredding shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg. The truth is, you’ll only use a document shredding service if you can afford it, which is why we offer affordable paper shredding services to all our customers.

When it comes to secure shredding, we take pride in what we do, because we believe in protecting the privacy of individuals and business alike.  Don’t take a chance and let your sensitive information get out.  Choose a reliable paper shredding service.  Choose an affordable paper shredding service.  Choose Reliable Affordable Shredding for all your paper shredding needs.

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